Portbook SeaSpot App Privacy Policy

Portbook Private Company (The company), implementing General Data Protection Regulation (EE), announces to the users of SeaSpot App, that the information that are collected are the following:

  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Cellphone type and Operating System version
  • Cellphone geographic position
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Birth date (optional )
  • Phone number
  • Contact details (phone numbers and emails-no names and surnames) that should be alerted in case of emergency.
  • Vessel register number, type and info
  • Purpose of data collection

    The purpose of this collection is the identification of the user, his vessel and his position in case he chooses to use the emergency situation function to alert the contacts he chooses.

    Protective measures

    The company takes all the necessary technical and structural measures (which are updated constantly) in order to ensure a high level of data protection.

    Data dissemination

    The company shall not share, disseminate or distribute in any way, user's personal data to others unless in case of the user sending alert for an Emergency Situation. In case of an Emergency Situation that the user faces at sea, if the user selects so via the application, the information will be sent to the contacts that the user has pre-entered. Also, at the explicit request of the user, an effort will be made to send the data to the competent state authorities, with the aim of assisting in the transfer of Emergency Information. If the user chooses to send an Emergency Situation message (as well as updating or canceling an Emergency Situation message) then the event’s location will be logged and sent to the user-selected contacts. This location will be maintained for 7 days.

    User rights

    The user has the right to ask for access to his/her own personal data, correction or deletion or restrain of their process. Additionally the user has the right to oppose to the process of his/her personal data for merchandising purposes, at any time, including his/her profile, in the extend it may be related with product promotion and marketing. Furthermore the user has the right to address to the Data Protection Authority if he/she believes his/hers personal data have been violated. In that case, one can address the Data Protection Department or visit their website (www.dpa.gr), to find detailed information.For the user to claim his/her rights regarding the app, or for any matter concerning his/her personal data process users may contact Portbook Private Company by sending an email addressed to: info@portbook.gr